Lee’s magic Easter 🐣 memories

Excitement started on the Saturday as all the family arrived.

Auntie Shirley, Gavin, Brenda, uncle Bill, Granddad with Elizabeth, Granny Lou and friends and neighbours, the Mackenzies and Potgieters.

Because they were all living in Natal in South Africa the evening temperatures were still nice and warm.

In the evening all the children and the adults played Hide and Seek together outside. Hidden in the car boot, climbing in the bushes and up the trees.

It was special for Jillybeans, Lee’s sister as most of the times Easter fell over Jill’s birthday 🎂

Dinner was always prepared by Lee’s Mum together with 3 maids.

You could expect Mommy’s Soup or Prawn 🍤 Cocktail as a starter.

And for dinner Roast Chicken 🐓 Roast Beef 🥩 Roast Potatoes 🥔 Hubbard Squash, which is like a pumpkin 🎃 but big and knobbly and green.

There were also Roasted Carrots 🥕and peas with freshly chopped mint. Mum roasted the carrots from their own garden and brushed them off with butter from their own cows 🐄. They had Frisian and Dexter cows.

Dessert would definitely be Sherry Trifle and for hot dessert Baked Ginger Pudding with homemade custard.

Dad Millin was the only one who was allowed to eat the blanket off the custard .

Chillies 🌶 in Sherry, recipe from Eric Mackenzie

After dinner was the adult game for fun.

In the washing basket 🧺 all different items were put like bras, panties, Daddies underwear. And all these fun items were wrapped in newspaper 🗞

The family and friends were standing in a circle with the basket 🧺 in the middle when Mum began to play the piano 🎹 Everyone started dancing and the last one who moved after the DONG had to take a wrapped item out the basket and put it on. So you ended up with a pair of shorts on your head, panties or bras back to front. It was a lot of fun.

Especially auntie Shirley, uncle Bill and Dad had a good sense of humour and made it even more fun.

In those days the panties were big and the bras padded and pointy.

Granny Lou’s Bloomers (panties)

On Sunday morning Dad was up early to hide all the Easter 🐣 eggs 🥚 on two hectares. Young and old went onto the hunt in between real rabbits 🐇 and real monkeys 🐒

The piccaninnies (the black Zulu children) were also running around in their iBeshu (cow skin which covers their private parts) also hunting for eggs.

Piccaninnie in IBeshu

The Easter hunt took 2 hours.

The children stuffed their pockets and ate till they had enough. Any leftover eggs went into a basket which was soon empty as the Zulu staff took it home.

And when all were back, breakfast was served. And everyone was making comparisons on how many eggs they had found and lied about how many they had eaten already.

At breakfast the grandchildren played hard candy egg in the egg holder with Granddad. The fun part was that the children thought Granddad had no idea what happened. Every year he said: “you really tricked me”. Lee always had to laugh 😂 so much that she got tummy ache.

For drinks there were always Grunberger Stein (sweeter), Johannesburger (off dry white) and Nederburg Baron (red) wines. To start the meal there was always a sparkling called 5th Avenue Cold Duck.

Traditionally Mum was given the biggest and best quality chocolate egg at lunch.

It could have lead to an argument between Mum and Dad, so he made sure it was there. Big and the best. Mum broke the whole chocolate egg up and it was put on a fancy Hallmark silver plate and everyone could take a piece.

The biggest best and beautiful Easter egg

On the evening of Easter Sunday Dad made the most delicious sandwiches 🥪 and pancakes. The staff used to be off.

This was Lee’s memory of Easter🐣 in Natal, South Africa @ Mbona Private Game Reserve where she spent her youth.

I wonder how you celebrate 🎉 Easter.

Next year I will write you about my Mums. In a little farmers village in The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Happy Easter to all of you!

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