L’Estanc, Queviures desde 1880

img_0368Translated from Catalan, this means The Tobacconist, Food from 1880.

3 years after our home 🏡 (1878) was built, this tobacconist opened.

I love this old convenience store, specialising in products from the Penedès.

The owner, third generation, loves telling me that what I buy, is grown locally.

Fruits, vegetables, charcuterie, cheeses, wines and cavas. You can all get it here.

The other day we were in need of ground coriander. We placed the order and next week a large bottle arrived.

On sunny days, and there are many in the Penedès, Catalunya, I go on my bicycle from Ca L’Avi to Sant Pau d’Ordal. It is here that our municipal office, the doctor, many restaurants, the central agricultural café, the baker, the butcher, the pharmacy, the post office and the municipal pool are situated and the local Summer weekend market with its local produce is held.

Meandering through vineyards, olive trees and peach orchards, I am passing the church of Lavern on the way to Sant Pau d’Ordal. It is here that we love to come.


Queviures l’Estanc, Carrer del Nord 5, Sant Pau d’Ordal. T 938 993 469

Opening hours:

Monday- Friday 09h00 – 13h30 and 17h00 – 20h00

Saturday 9h00 – 14h00

Sunday closed


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