My roots dating back from 1629


We have got this awesome family tree dating back from 1629.

When on holidays from South Africa to The Netherlands Lee and I were walking in Amsterdam where we came across this home with a plaque saying:

“Door den Tijd wordt de Spruijt een Boom” or “Through Time the Sprout becomes a Tree”

I love how my father is saying that his mothers surname is Spruit, you know from “spruitje”, which is a Dutch Winter vegetable. A Brussels sprout, a miniature cabbage.

  • Jean Dagoufos (passed away in 1635), dressmaker and porter in Leiden married Anna
  • They had 2 children of which Henrick Dagovosse married Maria Potheugue in Leiden in 1631
  • From their 2 children, Coenraad Dagevos married Jannetgen Cramma in Leiden in 1656
  • From their 6 children, Jacobus Dagevos married Marguérite du Vivié in Voorhout in 1687
  • From their 3 children, Joannes Dagevos, predikant, married Petronella Dolk in Sprang Capelle in 1726

(their names arise in documents of the “Schepenbank”)

  • From their 6 children, Adrianus Dagevos, pharmacist, married Cicilia Holswilders in Oegstgeest in 1757
  • From their 10 children, Bastiaan Dagevos (baptised on March 12, 1769 in Leiden), pharmacist, married Maria Wijnnobel in Leiden in 1801
  • From their 7 children, Petrus Izaak Dagevos, doctor, married Geertruida Wilhelmina Prins in Rijnsburg in 1830
  • From their 13 children, Arend Johannes Adrianus Dagevos, married Cornelia Johanna Maria Bell in Kediri in 1878
  • From their 10 children, Petrus Johannes Dagevos, married Susana Florentina Coert in Blitar in 1912
  • From their 7 children, Eduard Theodorus Cornelis Dagevos, married Cornelia Erna Spruit in Blitar in 1934


Opa, always happy with his very well-looked after flowers


Oma Spruitje, as my Dad calls her sweetly


From their 4 children my father, Richard Dagevos, married my mother Jannie Carolina IJkema in Arnhem in 1963


From their 3 children, Carolina Erna Dagevos married Lee-Ann Ruth Millin in Naarden-Vesting, The Netherlands in 2006

5 thoughts on “My roots dating back from 1629

    1. Thank you Megala. I am very fortunate that a gentleman, Mr. Teppema from Veghel, The Netherlands was intrigued by our family name. He decided to start our whole family tree. Recently, I received the family tree from my wife. From South Africa, Australian, English and Scottish descents.

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