Lacy Latke, grated potato pancake topped with a dollop of sour cream, julienne smoked salmon and caviar

lacy-latkeIn 2014, our first Autumn in Spain began and it was beautiful to see that the first fallen grape leaves were a sign of it. The first rains arrived. And it was time to change our Summer dishes for another international signature starter of our restaurant Cucina Carolina.



apron, cutting board, kitchen knife, grater, bowl, fork, tablespoon, non-stick frying pan, 2 teaspoons, 4 plates


1 medium size onion, 3 medium size potatoes, 1 egg, 100 g smoked salmon, salt and freshly ground black pepper, 2 T olive oil, 100 g sour cream, 30 g caviar, watercress or parsley or dill or the green of a spring onion


Peel the onion and potatoes.

Grate coarsely.

Mix the onion with the potatoes.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add a whisked egg and stir it.

Heat up 2 T olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and fry 4 little latkes on medium heat temperature.

When the edges of the latkes are golden brown, you can turn them.

Slice the salmon julienne.

When the pancakes are ready, approximately within 10-15 minutes, serve it on a plate.

Decorate the latkes with the salmon on top.

Whisk the sour cream until stiff.

Use two teaspoons to create a blob of sour cream and add this on top of the salmon.

Add the caviar.

To add some colour to the dish you can add watercress, finely chopped parsley, dill or the green of a spring onion)

TIP: Instead of sour cream you can use creme fraiche or whipped fresh cream with a dash of lemon or herb cream cheese

TIP: For a cheaper version of caviar you can use the substitute salmon roe

Did you know that latkes are especially eaten with Chanukah, the Jewish festival of light. The latkes are prepared in oil as a memory of the miracle of oil.

MUSIC: the romantic song Autumn Leaves by Eva Cassidy

DRINK: Codorníu, the oldest Cava in Spain

B’Teavon! (bu-tay-ah-von, literally means with appetite in Hebrew)

Romance of this recipe: It was in 1991 when Lee was 26 years and the youngest female hotel general manager in South Africa working for Granny Mouse’s Country House in the Midlands Meander at the foot of the Drakensberg in Kwazulu Natal where she found out about this recipe. Nowadays the owners of Granny Mouse own Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse, a haven for beautiful accommodation, fine wining and dining in the Midlands Meander.



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