Ntombi’s pasta doggie child dish

Ntombi portrayed by Christel Cosijn

I love ❤️ to cook. Also for our dog children 🐾🐾

Our dog child Ntombi was a special girl. She loved food, especially food I ate.

This is Ntombi’s 🐾 pasta dish 🍝


150 g very small cubed lamb, chicken 🐓 or beef 🐂

1 small peeled and finely chopped garlic clove

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 peeled and grated carrot 🥕

125 ml water

100 g chopped mushrooms

100 g frozen peas

100 g fideuà pasta

1 tablespoon grated Emmental cheese 🧀

SERVE every portion with 1 scoop or tablespoon of Hills, depending on your dog size.

DRINK I gave her a large bowl of fresh water

TIP for more than 25 years I use Hills Dog Food. I tried other food but see an immediate effect on their coat and stick to Hills. When Ntombi turned 6 years she started having joint problems and arthritis. We switched to Hills J/D and together with Rimadyl tables we got it under control.


Brown the meat and garlic in olive oil.

Add the carrot 🥕 to the meat.

Add the water and simmer for 15 minutes.

Add the mushrooms plus the frozen peas and simmer for a further 5 minutes.

Cook the Fideuà in unsalted water al dente. Drain and mix with the meat/vegetable mixture.

Set to cool.

SERVE with grated cheese 🧀 next to a bowl of fresh water.

Keep rest of the pasta in the fridge.

MUSIC Doggie 🐩 in the window by Patti Page

Woof woof! Ntombi’s thank you.

Ntombi came flying into our lives from Johannesburg to Cape Town where we lived on our wine farm in Wellington. She was a true Rhodesian Ridgeback. Missed the ridge on her back but nature had given her a little ridge on her nose. Ntombi promised trouble from day 1. She was only with us for a couple of hours when she went missing. We were up the whole night. Calling her, crying. We were devastated. We went to the compound, 2 km away to please ask if they had taken her, to return her. The next morning Ntombi was sitting on her little bum at the pool. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Farm life in Wellington was a wonderful life. For Ntombi, Jabula (our male Ridgeback) and Sausage (our miniature Dachshund). One day, one of the workers from another farm came onto the driveway. We were shouting at him that he needed to be careful as our dogs could hurt him. “No, Madam”, he said. “Your dogs are faaaaar away”. We looked puzzled when he was pointing out where they were. And yes, we saw three little creatures on the next door neighbours farm. We called Jabula who was the one always listening. He came running back with following in his wake, Ntombi and Sausage. The worker ran as fast as he could remembering how dangerous they were. We shouted: “Thank you for letting us know”!

Mrs Attitude
Little puppy Jabula 3 weeks old
Sausage Worsie always showing his tricks of the trade crossing the vineyard to arrive quicker than the Ridgebacks

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