Pimentón de la Vera La Dalia



I use Pimentón in my Fideuà. I like using products which are originating from the country I live. Now in Spain and I just  love ♥ it from the brand La Dalia. I ♥ love ♥ the beautiful old world tin packaging and you can even buy it in a basket gift.

This paprika powder is a DOP Denominación de Origen Protegida product which means it has protected designation of origin.

La Dalia has been producing Spanish paprikas for over 100 years. The peppers are carefully harvested and dried over a natural oak fire for weeks before being ground into a fine powder that has an unusual, earthy flavour that compliments nearly everything in the kitchen. It is a secret ingredient of the world’s top chefs for many years.

I believe this spice should be in everyone’s pantry…



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