Pisang goreng or banana fritters

Pisang Goreng or Indonesian banana fritters

I haven’t published for a while as I was too busy with all sorts. One of them is that we are trying to buy a new home in Spain since September 2016 and it is not going smoothly.

But comes what comes and today is my day off work and I was reminiscing about my Dad.

The last old year’s eve we celebrated in Barcelona and we had to give old year’s eve in The Netherlands a miss. As we are in the process buying a new home and most of our goodies are cleaned and packed in removal boxes, I couldn’t find my Dads recipe for pisang goreng.

It was a tradition in my childhood that my Dad made pisang goreng every old year’s eve.

I phoned my 80 year old Dad for the recipe, but he was just about to go out for his every day 10 kilometre morning walk. He passed his phone to my second mother, Von who gave me her recipe. Her specialty is to add a bit of cinnamon or allspice.

Von’s Pisang Goreng or Indonesian banana fritters

Utensils cup, knife, bowl, 2 spoons, deep fryer, kitchen towel, plate,

Ingredients for enough fritters for 2

1 cup self-raising flour
3 bananas cut across and diced
1 egg
2 packets of vanilla sugar
½ tsp salt
(sugar to taste)
enough sparkling mineral water


Mix all ingredients together and make sure the dough is as thick as when using cement. Now heat your oil and make sure the oil is hot enough. Try with a little dough on a knife’s point if the oil is hot enough. If the dough immediately rises to the top, your oil is perfect.

Use 2 spoons and dip them in the hot oil. Add dough on the one spoon, let it slide in the oil with help of the other spoon and fry till golden brown.

Delicious with one of the Celestial Seasonings Tea

Tip: add a touch of cinnamon or allspice

Tip: you can also use 7Up but if you do, don’t add sugar otherwise it gets too sweet

Tip: if you need more pisang goreng, raise all ingredients

Music It ain’t what you do its the way that you do it by Bananarama

Selamat Makan!

My Dad and Von in the Summer of 1956
Sleepy time tea by Celestial Seasonings

2 thoughts on “Pisang goreng or banana fritters

  1. Bananas are one of my favourite fruits. We were never used to get sweets at home, living in Mbona in the Karkloof, Kwazulu Natal where we had every other fruit on the farm (apple, orange, pear, apricot, pomegranate, quince, Chinese guava, blackberries) but banana had to be bought and was therefore a special fruit.

    Pisang goreng is another delicious way of eating banana. We used to make banana Jamaica which is fried bananas with apricot puree and a lovely blob of homemade vanilla ice cream.

    If the bananas were a little bit too ripe we got banana custard or banana milkshake.


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