Romance of this recipe

The Romance of the Recipe

When I met Lee, we often spoke about food. What we ate when we were young, what our special dishes were, but also about the Romance of this recipe.

With each recipe of Lee’s Mum, she had written special memories with that particular dish and she wrote it under Romance of this recipe.

During my years together with Lee, we gathered special moments ourselves.

One of them is this: When Lee was a child, her parents sent her to bed after lunch. “But what are you going to do Mum?, she asked. We are also going to bed. To play snakes and ladders. Lee found that pretty boring, but I don’t think her parents did!”

In my cooking book La Cucina Carolina I left Romance of this recipe blank. For you to fill in your own special memories.

I wish my readers a rich life. Filled with beautiful memories, lovely food, with family and friends and special moments.

Enjoy! Lekker eet! Buon appetito! Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk! Selamat Makan! Buon provecho! Born up a tree!

One thought on “Romance of this recipe

  1. Dear Caro,

    The website looks stunning. Really you! My favourite dish, when I was young, was “Bruine bonen met kaantjes” (brown beans with finely chopped bacon) and fried fish with a sour dip. Aunt Paula and I tried to make this dish how your grandmother used to make it, but we never succeeded. The bacon for the brown beans came from the farmer in Sleen (Drenthe, The Netherlands) where I was born. If the pig was slaughtered, I saw it hanging completely split open and hung upside down with all legs tied up. I always went to the farmer for the pig’s bladder. I blew the bladder up and buttoned it. Then we could play soccer.

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