I am an African


It was in the afternoon on 11 September 2001 when I got a phone call to inform us to switch on the television and to be informed about the terrorist attacks in New York.

It changed the lives of so many. Including mine.

When I was 19 years, I had this wish to emigrate. A couple of years later I became friends with Caroline. A beautiful English rose. Porcelain skin, big blue eyes, dark hair and natural red lips. She was a palm reader. She read my husbands palm and she saw one line in his palm. This was the emigration line. He would emigrate, one time. Then, she took my palm and there she saw two emigration lines, I was going to emigrate more than once. I was puzzled.

During our life together we spoke every now and then about emigration but we never really felt at home in any of the countries we went on holidays to.

Things changed around the terrorist attacks and we decided to sell our home in The Netherlands and now look for a new destination. It was on a holiday to South Africa when we both finally felt at home.

In January 2003 I started my new life journey. In South Africa, the country of the Khoi and San. With its hills and valleys, majestic mountains, shimmering glades, wildness with elephants, lion, Cape Cobra, the most beautiful sunsets and rises, the abundance of flora and fauna, its two oceans, changing seasons, outdoor life and a new way to me of cooking and drinking.

It was in Tulbagh in a little village in the Western Cape, in between the Obequa and Witzenberg mountains, where I fell in love. With Lee.

We spoke about our dreams and wishes and it was in her restaurant with cigar lounge where we gave birth to Cucina Carolina, world-wide memories of recipes.

Here you will be able to follow my memories on food, my photography and my journey of life.

As memories are a way of holding onto the things we love, the things we are, the things we never want to lose

4 thoughts on “I am an African

  1. I think Carolina or Caro as I call her is what they say in Dutch ‘een stille kracht’ – with an inner silence but yet strong. Caro will know what it means as it actually comes from Indonesia, a former Dutch colony. I was born in Indonesia and love Indonesian food. Caro loves cooking and knows how to cook Indonesian food as her roots are also Indonesian. A little play of words here but I have read some of her Indonesian recipes and I can assure anyone that following any of those will be an Indonesian adventure no matter where you live in the world. Nasi Goreng and saté has always been my favourite but there are many more adventures to be discovered.

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    1. When my father turned 80 recently I went down memory lane, Joep. Seeing his old friends from the school days dancing, eating. Like being on a Pasar Malam. I realised that after this generation is gone, Tempo Doeloe will be gone. But is with the Indonesian food it will always stay alive. Nasi goreng, your favourite is also Lee’s favourite. When we were on Bali she ate it breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      The other day a Spanish friend we met in South Africa came to our home. He asked if I could make satay. With peanut sauce. Of course!
      Thank you for the lovely comment you wrote Joep. I appreciate it very much XXX


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